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Senior Wish Project
Did you know?
Kitsap County, like the State of Washington and Nation, is aging rapidly.  Today, 1 in 7 residents of Kitsap County is over the age of 65.  In less than 10 years, that number will grow to 1 in 4.  As a community/society, getting older is too often synonymous with “decline,” “loss” and “the end.”  -- -Long Term Care Alliance of Kitsap County

Senior Wish Project
Goal of the project was to inspire Kitsap County to celebrate life at all stages by encourage seniors to live life without limits. The project’s belief is that enrichment activities can and should occur throughout a lifetime regardless of age, socio-economic status or ability. Like children, older adults often require the initiative and/or support of others to realize goals and dreams that seem out-of-reach otherwise.

The Senior Wish Project has been successful in granting several wishes to our local Kitsap County seniors.  These seniors’ lives have been enriched and energized.



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