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  • Did you know?In 2005, in response to the Silverdale community’s need for a playground, over 24,000 old athletic shoes were collected from across Kitsap County and recycled through Nike to help create the Silverdale Waterfront Park playground? LEARN MORE >
  • Did you know?Two steel beams recovered from the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack were brought to Kitsap County through a Leadership Kitsap project team? LEARN MORE >
  • Did you know?" UPDATE: The Prescription Drug Take Back program opened to the public on April 8, 2013. One year later, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s office has collected 1,231.33 pounds of medication." – Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office LEARN MORE >
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All meetings at Silverdale Yacht Club Broiler at 6PM. More info here.

September 9th

"Servant Leadership" by Robert Greenleaf

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Leadership Kitsap Alumni Planning 20th Year Celebration
and New Events


In April, the Leadership Kitsap Board of Directors voted to have the LK Alumni Chair a voting member of the Board. I am pleased to announce that David Emmons (LK14) and David Walters (LK03) are co-chairs of the committee and are excited to engage the Leadership Kitsap alumni this year!

The LK Alumni committee is thrilled to announce some exciting new events and programs.  We need your help to launch them and to get the word out. One of the most exciting events that needs planning is the 20 year celebration of Leadership Kitsap.  Leadership Kitsap became a 501c3 in April 1993.  The first class graduated in June 1995. 

Other exciting news for LKAA:

  • Continuing education events
  • Socials and interesting speakers
  • Book club
  • Other ideas???

An important kick-off meeting for these new programs and events will be on Wednesday, August 20th at the Toro Lounge. Seeking ideas and enthusiasm to promote and engage the 479 LK alumni!

Please plan on attending this very important LKAA planning meeting.  LKAA has lofty goals but with your help, ideas, and input, we can revive and connect with the 479 graduates of Leadership Kitsap!

What: LKAA Planning Meeting

Where: Toro Lounge – 315 Pacific Ave. - Bremerton

When: Wednesday, August 20th

Time: 4:00pm – 5:30pm

Alumni committee co-chairs David Emmons and David Walters will be facilitating the meeting. 

David Emmons: demmons@olympic.edu

David Walters: mdavidwalters@hotmail.com

Please Confirm Your Attendance.


Thank you,

LKAA Planning Committee

A New Strategy: Incorporating Positive Leadership into Challenge Days

This year, the LK Board approved a pilot program using Positive Leadership (PL) principles to augment our existing curriculum and to extend the discussion of leadership development beyond one challenge day to all days. In response to continued feedback from LK graduates, the Curriculum Committee researched and found a program that could effectively enhance our current leadership curriculum. The original PL program was created by Adam Seaman (former President of Leadership Tulsa) to address the need for community-based programs to incorporate leadership competencies into their curriculum. Today, there are thousands of communities across the country using Adam’s methodology to great advantage. Piloting the program with this year’s class allows the curriculum committee time to refine program elements to fit our process and desired outcomes.

Positive Leadership is based on Positive Psychology, which shifts the focus of attention from what’s wrong with people, to what is right with them. Taking this approach allows us to focus on people’s strengths and how we can naturally leverage their talents to build stronger (and more positive) communities. The PL program teaches seven core competencies: Authenticity, Purpose, Sponsorship, Resilience, Community Building, Reason and Gratitude that in aggregate have this impact. This is how it works - at each Challenge Day, one of the core competencies is presented and discussed amongst participants.  They will have prepared for these discussions by pre-reading a chapter on the competency and reflecting on their own experience using it. Positive Leadership also dovetails with the StrengthFinder assessment, and extends one’s understanding of servant leadership in practical ways. If LK’s experience with PL mirrors that of other community-based leadership programs, then it will go a long way toward providing future classes with a more robust leadership and learning experience.

Leadership Kitsap's Positive Impact on Kitsap County

For over 20 years, Leadership Kitsap service projects have helped to strengthen and transform the entire community. Each year, our service projects significantly impact the lives of thousands of Kitsap County residents.

Explore the positive impact of Leadership Kitsap service projects through our Community Impact Map.

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