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  • Did you know?In 2005, in response to the Silverdale community’s need for a playground, over 24,000 old athletic shoes were collected from across Kitsap County and recycled through Nike to help create the Silverdale Waterfront Park playground? LEARN MORE >
  • Did you know?Two steel beams recovered from the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack were brought to Kitsap County through a Leadership Kitsap project team? LEARN MORE >
  • Did you know?" UPDATE: The Prescription Drug Take Back program opened to the public on April 8, 2013. One year later, the Kitsap County Sheriff’s office has collected 1,231.33 pounds of medication." – Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office LEARN MORE >
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June 24th - LK Class of 2014 Graduation

Kiana Lodge, Poulsbo

5:15PM - No-host Reception & Silent Auction

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6:40PM - Graduation Ceremony

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All meetings at Silverdale Yacht Club Broiler at 6PM. More info here.

July 8th

"Servant Leadership" by Robert Greenleaf

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Class of 2014 Community Service Projects – April 2014

Team One– Team “E”

Constance Blackburn, Jeff Faucett, Richard Larvia, Karen McKay Bevers, Melissa Reeves, Linda Simpson

Team “E”, partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of South Puget Sound, will be providing a one-day self-esteem workshop for 150 girls and their mothers on May 3, 2014. The scope of this project includes girls ages 11-14 and the one day conference will include group activities discussing self-confidence as it relates to self-image, building self-esteem and tools to combat common teen issues as well as a support session for mothers/female mentors of teenage girls.

Team Two – Zip-It!

Paul Andrews, Chasity Richardson, Pam Roland, Allison Satters, Bruce Thomas, Jon VanGesen

Team Zip-It! is targeting 16-19 year olds to start their driving career with good habits. Partnering with Kitsap County Traffic Safety – Target Zero, the goal is to have teen drivers use a reusable zip-lock type bag to put their cell phones in while driving. The zip-lock type bag will protect their phone and discourage the use of their phone while driving. The team plans on speaking at local high schools, driving schools, and participating in the Armed Forces Day parade in May.

Team Three – The ARCheologists

Carlos de laTorre, Todd Faulkner, Beth Phipps, Cindy Ross, Laura Schaeffer, John Sprague

The Archeologists have partnered with the Arc of Kitsap and Jefferson Counties due to its challenge of available resources and its invaluable service to over 1500 clients living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We are upgrading a multi-purpose room to a family style room and providing awareness of the many services the Arc provides.  An Open House celebration will be Thursday, April 24th at the Arc of Kitsap and Jefferson Counties. Come celebrate to advocate for those who most need a community’s support.

Team Four – VolunteerKitsap.org

Rich Cronk, David Emmons, Wendie Johnson, Trent Trapp, Katie Walters


VolunteerKitsap.org team will champion the broad utilization and wide name recognition of a 21st century Volunteer Database resource in Kitsap County.  The re-launched database will become a viable “go-to” place for non-profits and volunteers looking to connect.  The team has a two pronged approach; 1) they will sponsor an event on April 25th offering free training for non-profit professionals taught by a seasoned instructor provided by their community partner, The Volunteer Center of Kitsap, Mason, & Lewis Counties (United Way), 2) they will attend 5-10 community events encouraging individuals and agencies alike to sign up and use the website.

Team Five – North Kitsap Collaborators

Isaac Anderson, Rick Andren, Donna Moreland, Cathlene Norris, Bob Pusey, Audrey Wolf

The North Kitsap Collaborators has been hard at work organizing three progressive community forums to educate awareness of at-risk youth in Kingston and to garner community support for bringing Coffee Oasis to Kingston. First, the team has secured community sponsors from Kingston-North Kitsap Rotary Club, Greater Kingston Kiwanis Club, and Kitsap Community Foundation. The next phase of the project is to create the agenda, secure dynamic speakers and create posters and brochures. During this evolution, team members from The Coffee Oasis (community partner) have been working hand in hand with the team.  The three progressive forums are March 20th, April 10th and May 1st from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the Kingston Middle School Cafeteria. For more information e-mail the team at coffeeoasiskingston@gmail.com.

A New Strategy: Incorporating Positive Leadership into Challenge Days

This year, the LK Board approved a pilot program using Positive Leadership (PL) principles to augment our existing curriculum and to extend the discussion of leadership development beyond one challenge day to all days. In response to continued feedback from LK graduates, the Curriculum Committee researched and found a program that could effectively enhance our current leadership curriculum. The original PL program was created by Adam Seaman (former President of Leadership Tulsa) to address the need for community-based programs to incorporate leadership competencies into their curriculum. Today, there are thousands of communities across the country using Adam’s methodology to great advantage. Piloting the program with this year’s class allows the curriculum committee time to refine program elements to fit our process and desired outcomes.

Positive Leadership is based on Positive Psychology, which shifts the focus of attention from what’s wrong with people, to what is right with them. Taking this approach allows us to focus on people’s strengths and how we can naturally leverage their talents to build stronger (and more positive) communities. The PL program teaches seven core competencies: Authenticity, Purpose, Sponsorship, Resilience, Community Building, Reason and Gratitude that in aggregate have this impact. This is how it works - at each Challenge Day, one of the core competencies is presented and discussed amongst participants.  They will have prepared for these discussions by pre-reading a chapter on the competency and reflecting on their own experience using it. Positive Leadership also dovetails with the StrengthFinder assessment, and extends one’s understanding of servant leadership in practical ways. If LK’s experience with PL mirrors that of other community-based leadership programs, then it will go a long way toward providing future classes with a more robust leadership and learning experience.

Leadership Kitsap's Positive Impact on Kitsap County

For over 20 years, Leadership Kitsap service projects have helped to strengthen and transform the entire community. Each year, our service projects significantly impact the lives of thousands of Kitsap County residents.

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